The following information is available to assist any and everyone to write a letter to the editor at the Sun Post-Herald.  Thank you for your support.


Your Letter

  • Letters must be 200 words or less.
  • Letters must include with them signature, address and phone number included (only the name will be printed)
  • Keep it positive and accurate.  The committee believes in running an honest and positive campaign.  Please refrain from retaliating to negative or misinformed letters, personal attacks, or disrespectful statements towards others.  Focus on what passage of this bond issue means for your family.

Publishing Deadline

  • Letters must be received by 9 a.m. Monday, in order to be considered for inclusion in that Thursday's paper. Space is always a consideration so getting them in early helps!

Mail, Fax, or Email Your Letter

    Mail to:  Attn: Sun Post Herald / Letters to the Editor
                 c/o Sun News
                 1801 Superior Avenue
                 Cleveland, OH  44114
    Fax:       (216) 986-2380

Submitting Online

Remember to keep it positive! If you need help or ideas or would like to have someone proofread your letter, you can email it to

 We would be happy to help!